Watermelon Fruit Leather

Watermelon Fruit Leather

My kids have fond memories of the fruit leather I made for them when they were young. Pumpkin pie, peach, apple and apricot were the fruit leathers they enjoyed the most. Son Tender Heart has been challenging me since the beginning of summer to try watermelon fruit leather on my Ivation Food Dehydrator. I immediately dismissed the idea as unworkable due to watermelon’s high water content. I finally relented when I made my watermelon rind pickles (see previous post).

Lots of melon. Tiny food processor.

I used the fruit from one whole watermelon and ran it through my food processor. Since I only have a small processor, I did many small batches.


Some of the water in the melon did indeed need to be extracted. After running it through the food processor I strained it through a metal sieve.

looked just like applesauce

The resulting product was the consistency of applesauce.

Spreading it on trays

I cut parchment paper to 1/2 inch of all sides for each of 3 dehydrating trays and spread the watermelon to about a 1/4 inch thick. Twelve hours at 140 degrees was all it took. It peeled off the parchment paper super easy.

Love my pizza cutter!

Next was slicing it into strips with my pizza cutter then dusting both sides with powdered sugar and rolling them up. It yielded only 15 rollups which were quickly devoured.

unrolls easier when coated with powdered sugar.

And what became of that half gallon of watermelon juice I drained out? We drank much of it straight, but to make it stretch a little further, we mixed 2/3 cup watermelon juice with 1/3 cup lime seltzer water, making our own version of watermelon soda pop. Delicious!



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  1. I like the dried watermelon too, but do it a little differently. I just cut off the rind off a seedless watermelon first. then cut the watermelon into about 1/4″ slices. just put the slices on the dryer trays and dry. absolutely delicious!

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