As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to spend 3 weeks in February down in Southern California helping my daughter-in-law with her post operative care. That also meant helping out with their 3 dogs. Buddy and his friends made sure I did not get bored. Let me introduce you to them. Sadie is the youngest, a lively year old miniature dachshund who loves to ride on your foot as you shuffle your way to the kitchen for morning coffee. She is quite affectionate and enjoys being picked up to be cuddled as she slathers you with “kisses”. Sadie is not troubled withRead More →

2017 Has been a hard year for dogs in my family. Putting your pet down is a agonizing decision to make, when you know deep down inside, it is your pet’s time to meet their maker. For me, it started in October 2016 when we learned our beloved 14 year old Australian Shepard, Cocoa, was suffering from a brain tumor. Already deaf with most of her eye sight gone, we weren’t too surprised when other health issues started to appear. We see-sawed back and forth about the “right” time to put her down, then second guessed every decision. Do we wait till we see signsRead More →