As I have said in a previous post, I am a bit of a coffee snob, so when I heard the tail end of an interview on the radio with Black Rifle Coffee Company, I perked up (no pun intended. Only in a SHTF situation would I ever consider perking my coffee!). The interview wasn’t just about the coffee, but the company as well. Black Rifle Coffee has two elements that make them unique. One is they are veteran owned and run and the second is how fresh your coffee arrives. You order your coffee on day one, they roast it on day two andRead More →

Before I get into the coffee snob part, I need to preempt with a short back story. When I first received my Ivation food dehydrator, it was spring so strawberries were the first fruit I dehydrated from a local road side stand. I couldn’t believe how red the inside of the berries were compared to the the ones I bought from the grocery store that were white inside and near tasteless. My Philosophy was your end product would only be as good as the quality ingredients you start out with. This philosophy transcended all food and drink including Coffee. I was doing a lot ofRead More →