Plum Tree Starts

Plum Tree Starts

Some of you may have read my post on planting my plum tree. This is an update. It now has buds! This post is also about an experiment I tried in planting plum tree starts.

Plum tree in the yard with new buds!

A few days after I planted my plum tree, I left for California for 3 weeks to help my daughter-in-law through some tough surgery aftercare. Just before I left, I put two of the plum tree branches I had pruned from my plum tree, into a Mason jar filled with water and placed it on my kitchen window sill. It was just a let’s-wait-and-see-if-anything-happens kind of thing.

Mole hill dirt

When I got back, both branches were alive with new green leaves. No roots but lots of green leaves and new buds. Then I thought maybe they need soil to grow roots. So I found an old used pot, filled it with an inch of gravel from my drive way, and headed out to the many mole hills in my yard.


I was going to buy a bag of soil, but my brother-in-law Bob (everyone should have a “Bob” around) suggested I just use the “dirt” the moles had already conveniently piled up in the yard for me. As I got closer to the mole hill, it started to suspiciously look like clay I had run through my food processor but Bob convinced me it should be fine.

Now the wait.

Once the “dirt” was in the pot, I planted the 2 plum tree clippings, and placed the pot in my living room bay window. Now, 5 days latter, the leaves are looking a little more wilted despite keeping them moist. It does look like I’ll be heading to the store to purchase some good soil. I won’t count this a failure until the leaves turn brown and fall off. I am such an optimist!

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