On Becoming Healthier

On Becoming Healthier

I review my emergency plans often. I look at not only what I have in my supply stores, but the skills I have and the ones I need to work on. The big glaring one I decided to focus on was becoming healthier.

It occurred to me that in a major disaster, a home invasion, a house fire, or any emergency, really, I may have to move fast. I mean REALLY fast! I have become a bit frumpy in my later years without much thought to how this would effect me in an emergency situation. Eight months ago, I decided now was the time.

I remember a conversation with my doctor a few years ago. As I was lamenting my difficulty in losing weight. She looked me in the eye, held a finger up in my face, and firmly said “it’s all about the carbs!”.

Nearly nine months ago, I entered the world of the Keto diet. Nothing crazy, Just cut out breads, sugar and all the white starchy stuff like potatoes (including the chip version), corn, rice, pasta and most fruits. It wasn’t as painful as I was anticipating.

I switched from sugar to Monk Fruit. I eat a lot of salads, eggs, meats and nuts. Raspberries are my go to fruit. Occasionally, I’ll slip up at church potlucks and family birthday parties, but I just fall off the wagon for an hour or two, not throw myself under the wheels for the entire day or week.

The Results

I have maintained a 20 lbs weight loss and am working on my second set of 20 lbs.

It’s not painful because I love everything I’m eating. Not hard to stay on track.

Prior to the weight loss, I could not make it through the day without a nap. Somewhere around 2 or 3 o”clock, I’d just fold in a chair with a giant wave of fatigue engulfing me. Being able to make it through the day was an unexpected result of my diet change and weight loss. I’m definitely more productive now. Can’t remember the last time I needed a nap.

I currently feel fuller on less food. Two helpings and giant servings are no longer needed, another surprise I was not anticipating.

Getting up and down and in and out of a chair is far more easier than it use to be. Body parts bend more without pain. I can’t wait to see the benefits of the next 20 lb loss!

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