Let Your Wood Shed Breathe

Let Your Wood Shed Breathe

We have an outbuilding that is divided into 2 sides; one smaller side for wood and the other larger side for miscellaneous tools.

Even though the fire wood side is packed floor to ceiling, it has worked well for the past 12 years.

This is just the kindling……2 rows deep

Nevertheless, son Giver Man decided our wood needed to breathe better so our wood could dry out more effectively. We gave him carte blanche to make it happen.

Siding before the demolition…yeah it’s pink!

First to go, was the rickety siding. Too ugly and deteriorated to reuse, he bought
1” X 5 1/2’ boards, and spaced them 5 1/2” apart horizontally.

We used pallets that we had been collecting (just because) to replace the sagging OSB boards that made up the flooring.

It would have been better if we had filled the spaces under the pallets with gravel to discourage critters from setting up a community center under there but (face palm) oh well.

A finished woodshed!

Big hugs to Giver man and son Tender Heart for chopping and stacking all that wood! Now the clean up!


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