Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna Gardening

After being somewhat of a workaholic my whole life, I quit my last “outside the home” job in 2014. It was the beginning of summer and after a 12 year hiatus from gardening, I could not wait to get my fingers in the soil again. I was jealous of my friends who had shared their ginormous zucchini squash and luscious homegrown tomatoes that actually smelled and tasted like the tomatoes I remembered from my childhood.

I had heard about Lasagna gardening from a friend so decided to give it a try. If I had to sum it up, it’s like layering a bunch of soil ingredients, then let them all decompose together. Here was my process….

First, I designed my garden on paper, where I wanted my garden to be and how big. Then I staked it out in the yard.

Used cinder blocks to make the raised garden. Cheaper than lumber and I already had some.

I put down a thick layer of cardboard in the area where I wanted my garden. I used my boxes from Costco and collected boxes from grocery stores. No tilling or shoveling needed. Then sprayed with lots of water.

A layer of peat moss was next. It helps hold the moisture. Soaked it again.
A layer of dirt. I actually BOUGHT dirt! Wasn’t sure what my own yard dirt had in it.
Again, more water.
A layer of grass clippings……and water
A layer of coffee grounds, then egg shells, with water
A layer of dry dead leaves. Repeat all of the layers again

There were more things I could have added but chose not to, due to availability. It is recommended that you let the garden “cook” for a few weeks but you can plant right away if you choose. Since I was feeling the urgency to get my plants in the ground, I planted after only a week. I planted my herbs in the open holes of the cinder blocks to help as a bug barrier. I had a bumper crop of tomatoes that year, and could hardly eat the sugar snap peas fast enough. The Lasagna Gardening book is a short book, with colored pictures that does not read like a text book, and gives much more useful info than I can write here. It was a great gardening experience.


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