Family Intro

Family Intro

Since my kids are intricately woven in my life, I talk about them a lot. Like any self respecting mother, I could go on for days about each of them, but I will make these intros brief here. Since this is my blog, not theirs, I have chosen to identify them (and refer to them in my blog) by what I see as their key attribute. From oldest to youngest…..

Family Rock, oldest son, lives in another state with his compassionate teacher-wife and their twin daughters. The back story is, this is the son I gave up as a young woman and reconnected with 34 years later. Book is coming out soon. No, really!

Sweetheart, first daughter with Husband. She has resided in heaven since age 6. Won’t be referring to her much, but just thought I’d let you all know as she still has a huge piece of my heart.

Deep Faith, is second daughter. We seem to have a special bond. It’s not unusual for us to talk 4-5 hours on the phone every 2 weeks. Her faith in God drives her thoughts and actions. While not perfect, she “walks the talk” 95% of the time and her life inspires me. She lives in another state with her retired military husband and 2 kids.

Tender Heart son, came 2 years later. He has his own home in a near-by town but spends a good many days with us. Although he hasn’t found the right life partner yet, he seems to be the kid magnet to all his nieces and nephews. He is the one responsible for the 2 year supply of wood in our shed, the 8 varieties of ice cream in our freezer and the 10 bottles of assorted Bath and Body pump soaps in my storage cabinet…..just because.

Giver Man arrived 2 years later (seeing a pattern here?). He liberally gives his time and money. He has been active with Search and Rescue for 10 years, specializing in swift water rescue as well as donating time at our church. I have been the recipient of his carpentry talents with a wheel chair ramp at one of my business, a new deck on a former home and currently, a new configuration of our wood shed. He lives in a nearby town with a entrepreneurial wife and a son.

Hard Worker son, predictably arrived 2 years latter. While all my children are hard workers, this son has a work ethic that is beyond today’s normal. If I could choose another name, it would be Power Through. His sense of personal responsibility drives him to do what is needed, regardless of the difficulty. He served 3 tours of Iraq, and currently lives with his culinary extraordinaire wife and 3 children on our property.

If you lose track who I am talking about in my posts, that’s ok, so do I. You can refer back to this post if need be, but I will make every effort to be as clear as possible as I write.


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