Experiments In Food Dehydrating Part 3 Fruits

Experiments In Food Dehydrating Part 3 Fruits

Strawberries        As I mentioned in a previous post, my strawberries came from a local farm. They were super ripe and soft so had to dehydrate immediately. Because of their moisture content, I sliced them 1/8 inch thick. They took about 16 hours at 140. degrees. The end result were slices that were ever so rubbery but crisped up as they cooled on my parchment paper. When they were reconstituted, they retained their bright red color. I sprinkle them on my cereal in the morning.

Raspberries    Did not work out well at all. Turned out very strange. 24 hrs. at 140 degrees produced light-as-a-feather fruit that was a dusty rose color. Once reconstituted, they just tasted horrible.

Tomatoes      Yep, they are technically a fruit. Did not use fresh for my first try. Went to Cash & Carry and bought a #10 can of chopped tomatoes. I drained the juice and spread the un-rinsed tomato chunks on the trays. Dehydrated at 140 degrees for 22 hours. The tomatoes turned out slightly rubbery, a dark brick red and reconstituted well.

Blood orange

Oranges and Limes, Oh My!    I love blood oranges but know their season is short. I found them at my favorite store which usually has the best fruit in town. I purchased 5 blood oranges, 5 limes, 5 navel oranges and 5 lemons. When I got home and started slicing the blood oranges, I was disappointed to find them dried up inside with almost zero flavor. The optimist that I am, I thought if I just dehydrated them, they’d be fine. The rest of the citrus was great.

I sliced all the fruit into 1/4 inch slices, set the temperature to 140 degrees to dehydrate for 12 hours. When the timer went off, the citrus was still moist so set it for another 12 hours. Then another 12 hours. It never really dried. The navel oranges turned out more like fruit leather with chewy membranes thrown in. They were good and I ate most of them. The lemons and limes were “ok”. The blood oranges were a complete disaster. The taste was beyond horrible. At the end of the day, (the second one that is) I jarred the citrus up, tied an orange ribbon around it and stashed it with the rest of my fall decorations.



  1. I have had good results with slicing tomatoes thinly (using a mandolin), seasoning then, and drying them until crisp. Kind of like a flavored potato chip. They disappeared, so I think the troops approved 😀😀

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      Hey Merryann
      Your dehydrated tomatoes sounds delicious! I will definitely give those a try!
      Thanks for visiting!

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