Dehydrated Tomato “Chips”

Dehydrated Tomato “Chips”

There are benefits to being a truck driver’s wife. Husband has brought home a variety of gifts from the venders he picks up from and delivers to on his truck runs. I have received boxes of chocolate, coffee beans, Jelly Bellies, whole salmon, flowers, and lugs of peaches and oranges, just to name a few. The other day, I received a lug of tomatoes. One of my readers had just sent me a comment about her wonderful experience in dehydrating seasoned tomato chips so I thought I would give it a whirl (thank you Merry Ann!).

All sliced, ready to go

Slicing the tomatoes on a mandolin sounded easy, but did not work well for me. Maybe that was because I purchased my mandolin at a yard sale and the blades were a bit dull. The tomatoes just mushed so I went with the old fashioned, but tedious way, of just using a sharp knife. I sliced the tomatoes between 1/4 and 1/8 inches thick.

Once I had them laid out on the trays, I lightly salted them.

I set the dehydrator at 140 degrees……
…..for 12 hrs

RESULTS:   Like my banana chips, they never completely became “crisp”, but had a slightly rubbery texture. I would add more salt as it was barely detectable. Maybe a little pepper as well.

I also wonder if the high moisture in the pacific northwest has something to do with my end product. The directions for my dehydrator says to let the finished product cool before placing in a sealed jar. For me, that is no more than 15 min., or my crispy end product like broccoli will start to turn rubbery.

All in all, no one in my family really liked the rubbery, bland tomato “chips”. That’s ok. I dry canned them with an oxygen absorber and they will be great in soups, stu and spaghetti sauce. I’m such an optimist!


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  1. After reading this post I remembered that I had some dehydrated tomatoes stored in my pantry. I also had tomato juice that I needed to make into sauce. I put about 6 or 8 slices of dried tomatoes in my blender with 1/2 quart of juice and blended it. It came out smooth and thick. I then added another 1 1/2 quarts of juice and cooked until the sauce was thick enough. I think I will write a blog post about it. Would like to link to your post.

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