The Christmas That Means A Little Bit More

The Christmas That Means A Little Bit More

Baby, It’s getting cold out side.
Selecting the perfect tree to cut down. It’s a long standing family tradition.
Decorating the tree at the same time it starts snowing.
Relatives stopping by, having a cup of hot coffee, then moseying over to the puzzle table for awhile.
Building gingerbread houses.
Christmas pageant practice.
Hanging out with books…real and digital
So many stockings, they have to be laid out on a table.
Candle light service at church.

Gonna wear a little “religion” on my sleeve here. No apologies. Jesus is the best gift I have ever received. So thankful he came to earth. Even more thankful he didn’t stay in that manager, but grew up then died for my sins. The best gift ever!

Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!


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