Husband has always had a “collection” of firearms, both rifle and hand guns. I have always been intimidated by them. I have occasionally been out shooting with Husband where he has hammered into me countless safety rules. Knowing all those safety rules, for some reason, did not make me less afraid. I wanted to get over my fear so way back in 2002, I took a lady’s hand gun class at a local gun range. The two things I remember most about the class: How important it is to know when you can fire your weapon and when you can’t. You just can’t shoot somebodyRead More →

When I first started out on my emergency preparedness journey, I divided up what “prepared” meant to me, into 6 categories. I had put a lot of time into some of my categories, and none into others. One that I had neglected was the area of Safety and Protection. Getting comfortable with a firearm would be my next goal. I started out on the internet to just get an idea of what was out there and came across The Well Armed Woman website. This has been a gold mine of information! The website was started by Carrie Lightfoot, a published author, national speaker, NRA certifiedRead More →