2017 Has been a hard year for dogs in my family. Putting your pet down is a agonizing decision to make, when you know deep down inside, it is your pet’s time to meet their maker. For me, it started in October 2016 when we learned our beloved 14 year old Australian Shepard, Cocoa, was suffering from a brain tumor. Already deaf with most of her eye sight gone, we weren’t too surprised when other health issues started to appear. We see-sawed back and forth about the “right” time to put her down, then second guessed every decision. Do we wait till we see signsRead More →

  I am constantly amazed by the master engineering of God. How the gazillion puzzle pieces of life just seem to come together, forming just the right circumstances to allow good things to happen. A case in point…. After several weeks of reading about and discussing with my small church group, about emergency preparedness, I developed a strong desire to start a ministry. I asked my friends if they thought our pastor would be receptive to the idea. They thought he would be and encouraged me to ask. I did the very next Sunday.   Unbeknownst to me, some time in the previous year, myRead More →

Before I get into the coffee snob part, I need to preempt with a short back story. When I first received my Ivation food dehydrator, it was spring so strawberries were the first fruit I dehydrated from a local road side stand. I couldn’t believe how red the inside of the berries were compared to the the ones I bought from the grocery store that were white inside and near tasteless. My Philosophy was your end product would only be as good as the quality ingredients you start out with. This philosophy transcended all food and drink including Coffee. I was doing a lot ofRead More →

June 2, 2017 When I first started my emergency preparedness journey, I could hardly contain my excitement about all the new things I was learning. My biggest fear in approaching others, was that I would come off as a evangelistic maniac. Once I curbed my enthusiasm, I noticed people’s receptiveness to emergency preparedness was based on four different belief systems regarding disasters 1, “It’s” NOT going to happen. Whatever “It” is, they don’t belief it will happen. News on TV, radio, newspapers and the internet is just “hype”. Denial is the path of least resistance. 2. It’s gonna happen, but it won’t affect me. Earthquakes,Read More →