I saw this recipe for home made dryer sheets on the internet a few years ago and gave it a try. They worked out well so thought I would share the recipe. It’s my ULTRA Dryer Sheets. 16 ULTRA cheap washcloths 1  51oz jug of ULTRA Downey I started out with the Ultra cheap washcloths from Walmart. They were 10 for $10.00, on sale for $5.00 so I bought 2 packages. I use these for everything from cleaning window sills and washing dishes to wiping the engine grease from Husbands hands to wiping up oil spills. They’re throw away washcloths (rags, really), so cheap, youRead More →

Our wood burning stove has served us well for the 13 years we have had our home, providing the majority of our heat. Propane has increasingly become more expensive over the years so we have developed a routine. Our propane driven heater comes on for 2 hours only, every cold morning to quickly take the chill off the house. Simultaneously, we build a fire in our wood burning stove which keeps our home sufficiently warm for the rest of the day and through the evening. This routine has allowed us to get by with only needing 300 gallons of propane for the entire year. But……Read More →

We have an outbuilding that is divided into 2 sides; one smaller side for wood and the other larger side for miscellaneous tools. Even though the fire wood side is packed floor to ceiling, it has worked well for the past 12 years. This is just the kindling……2 rows deep Nevertheless, son Giver Man decided our wood needed to breathe better so our wood could dry out more effectively. We gave him carte blanche to make it happen. Siding before the demolition…yeah it’s pink! First to go, was the rickety siding. Too ugly and deteriorated to reuse, he bought 1” X 5 1/2’ boards, andRead More →