I put in a lot of time and expense last year setting up my garden. It has remained critter and weed free throughout the fall and winter. I am pleased. Except for the border around the garden. We have this grass called Elephant grass. At least that is what everyone calls it. It grows in thick dense clumps and is extremely tenacious. This spring, it took off, growing two feet high around the garden, weaving it’s self into my border netting, making it near impossible to pull or dig out without destroying the netting. I believed killing it some how was my only option butRead More →

Some of you may have read my post on planting my plum tree. This is an update. It now has buds! This post is also about an experiment I tried in planting plum tree starts. A few days after I planted my plum tree, I left for California for 3 weeks to help my daughter-in-law through some tough surgery aftercare. Just before I left, I put two of the plum tree branches I had pruned from my plum tree, into a Mason jar filled with water and placed it on my kitchen window sill. It was just a let’s-wait-and-see-if-anything-happens kind of thing. When I gotRead More →

I dream about growing and canning my own home grown food. In my grown-up years, I’ve never owned or tended a fruit tree, yet here I am, obsessed with planting a small orchard. Oh, but the plums, apricots, peaches and apples I could put up! A few weeks ago, I planted some plum seeds and thought that would satisfy my orchard obsession. I guess not, because as I walked into Costco, and right there, right in front, was a whole display of five foot starter trees of all fruit varieties. I had read (or maybe I just told myself) that plum trees need to crossRead More →

When I lived in California 30 some years ago, there was an old widower, Mr. Dawson who lived across the street. He had a plum tree that seemed to produce a bumper crop every year as we would receive several large brown grocery bags of plums throughout the summer, every summer. These plums had a deep red flesh and were as sweet as candy. Sadly, I never asked him what variety they were as I have rarely come across them since my move to the northwest. Until that is, this past summer. Husband and I took a road trip down to visit Son Family RockRead More →

After my successful Lasagna garden of 2 years ago, I took a year off. This year, I caught the garden bug again after visiting my niece in Wisconsin. She introduced me to companion gardening, inspired by the book Carrots Love Tomatoes. The basic premise is planting certain vegetables and herbs next to each other to repel insects and diseases. After examining my nieces’s carefully laid out plot plan on graph paper, I decided to do the same and spent my plane ride home laying out my garden. It was flawed from the beginning but I’ll get to that. I wanted raised beds so using theRead More →

After being somewhat of a workaholic my whole life, I quit my last “outside the home” job in 2014. It was the beginning of summer and after a 12 year hiatus from gardening, I could not wait to get my fingers in the soil again. I was jealous of my friends who had shared their ginormous zucchini squash and luscious homegrown tomatoes that actually smelled and tasted like the tomatoes I remembered from my childhood. I had heard about Lasagna gardening from a friend so decided to give it a try. If I had to sum it up, it’s like layering a bunch of soilRead More →