As I was cruising through some YouTube videos on dehydrated food one day, I came across some videos on making meals in a jar using freeze dried foods. I thought the concept would be great for storing extra food. I ordered the book, Meals In a Jar from Amazon to get started. The author happened to be the chef for Honeyville Farms, a freeze dried food company so just stuck with that brand. At least at first. I pooled over every recipe in the book. If I thought the recipe sounded like something I might want to make, it received one check mark. RecipesRead More →

Strawberries        As I mentioned in a previous post, my strawberries came from a local farm. They were super ripe and soft so had to dehydrate immediately. Because of their moisture content, I sliced them 1/8 inch thick. They took about 16 hours at 140. degrees. The end result were slices that were ever so rubbery but crisped up as they cooled on my parchment paper. When they were reconstituted, they retained their bright red color. I sprinkle them on my cereal in the morning. Raspberries    Did not work out well at all. Turned out very strange. 24 hrs. at 140 degrees produced light-as-a-feather fruit thatRead More →

Garlic     Ahhhhh……garlic! Everything I read about dehydrating garlic recommended moving your dehydrator to your porch, or better yet, your garage. I could see Warning! Warning! signs flashing all over those posts. I just rolled my eyes. You see, my family LOVES garlic. We practically sleep with it under our pillows. We put it in nearly everything and double the amount in recipes that call for it. Having the savory smell of garlic waffling through the house only brought about mouth watering anticipation. I was to soon discover the evil side of garlic. On one of my many trips to Costco, I picked upRead More →

When I received my food dehydrator, it did not sit idle for more than 10 min. for the first two weeks. I ran that thing non stop, morning and night, dehydrating everything I could get my hands on. I wanted to get a baseline of times and temperatures of as many fruits and vegetables as I could, charting the results as I went along. My end results may be different than yours as western Washington has quite a bit of humidity which definitely makes a difference. These next 3 posts are what worked and what didn’t. Broccoli      I bought the 2 lb. bag of broccoliRead More →

I am not new to food dehydrators, just a little behind the times. In the mid 70’s, dehydrators were the new hot (more on hot a little latter) kitchen appliance every self respecting Mother Earth News reader wanted in their home. I don’t remember the brand I bought, but do recall it was round and had multiple stacking trays that revolved around…..are you ready?…..a light bulb, which was the heat source. Most things I attempted to dehydrate were less than impressive. My banana chips always failed by comparison to the crisp snappy ones I bought in the store. The one thing I did excel atRead More →