Tortillas are so versatile. I thought it would be fun to try and make my own homemade tortillas so I ordered a tortilla press. I’m always thinking about how I could make my life easier during a long term emergency situation. We love bread and I use to make a lot of it when my kids were little. Not so much in recent years. It’s a great energy source and meal extender during lean times. But what if you couldn’t buy bread anymore? Where would you get the yeast to make your own? By the way, I looked up how to make yeast from scratch.Read More →

Since I bought my electric citrus juicer, I stock an abundance of fresh oranges. Having a glass of fresh orange juice every morning helps the spirit while waiting for Spring to stop dragging her feet. I thought it would be fun to try my hand at some candied orange peels since I had so many. The recipe I found seemed simple enough. I used a potato peeler to peel each of the eight oranges in one long strip. Scrapping the white flesh off of the peel is necessary due to it’s bitter taste; a tedious job until I got a rhythm going. I cut eachRead More →

I first remember having cinnamon apples at my Mother-In-Law’s house. Husband worked nights at the time so the kids and I would walk down to her house on Sunday evenings for a shared light meal. She would bake any kind of unpeeled apples by coring them and setting them in a 9×13 in. baking dish with 1/2 in. of water in the bottom. What made the apples special was the cinnamon red hots (yep, lots of red food dye) she put in the cored hole of each apple. Shen then baked them at 350 degrees until easily pierced with a fork. When cooled, they wereRead More →

There are benefits to being a truck driver’s wife. Husband has brought home a variety of gifts from the venders he picks up from and delivers to on his truck runs. I have received boxes of chocolate, coffee beans, Jelly Bellies, whole salmon, flowers, and lugs of peaches and oranges, just to name a few. The other day, I received a lug of tomatoes. One of my readers had just sent me a comment about her wonderful experience in dehydrating seasoned tomato chips so I thought I would give it a whirl (thank you Merry Ann!). Slicing the tomatoes on a mandolin sounded easy, butRead More →

Statistics Show 68% of people buy a Christmas present for themselves during the holiday season. This is mine. I live in a rural area and am part of a water association. That’s code talk for a lot of houses on a giant well. As a matter of fact, we are the last house on the line, so we have a lot of “floaties” that appear in our water. We get yearly reports from the association about all the stuff in our water which are all below “harmful levels”, but nevertheless, it’s there. Bottom line, our tap water looks, smells and tastes a little “off”. ForRead More →

Our church held it’s yearly Christmas pot luck party last week. Everyone was asked to bring their signature Christmas dish. I don’t have one. We change out our Christmas dinner every year, with no particular favorite dish making an encore from the previous year. Sometimes it’s ham. Sometimes it’s the extra turkey taking up space in the freezer. This year, it will probably be a couple of roasts. Side dishes are dependent on who saw what recipe on Pinterest or in some cookbook or magazine. But we do have one constant and that’s a continental breakfast served Christmas morning before gift opening. The menu isRead More →

As I have said in a previous post, I am a bit of a coffee snob, so when I heard the tail end of an interview on the radio with Black Rifle Coffee Company, I perked up (no pun intended. Only in a SHTF situation would I ever consider perking my coffee!). The interview wasn’t just about the coffee, but the company as well. Black Rifle Coffee has two elements that make them unique. One is they are veteran owned and run and the second is how fresh your coffee arrives. You order your coffee on day one, they roast it on day two andRead More →

Most everyone has seen the old black cast iron cookware lying around. Maybe in your Grandmother’s kitchen, in a thrift store or at a yard sale. Or more recently, maybe you have seen it at Macy’s or William Sonoma. It’s not surprising. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware has been around for 121 years. With all the new fangle cookware out today, you’d think cast iron cookware would be passé. Not so. Not only is Lodge cookware still widely in use today, they are building a new foundry to keep up with the demand, but I’m getting a little ahead of my self. In 1896, Joseph LodgeRead More →

My kids have fond memories of the fruit leather I made for them when they were young. Pumpkin pie, peach, apple and apricot were the fruit leathers they enjoyed the most. Son Tender Heart has been challenging me since the beginning of summer to try watermelon fruit leather on my Ivation Food Dehydrator. I immediately dismissed the idea as unworkable due to watermelon’s high water content. I finally relented when I made my watermelon rind pickles (see previous post). I used the fruit from one whole watermelon and ran it through my food processor. Since I only have a small processor, I did many smallRead More →

I was always indifferent about watermelon pickles. Never tasted them. They sounded kind of weird. But this is summer and we (mostly I) consume watermelon by the ton, not by the pound. After listening to my sister-in-law talk about how yummy hers were, I asked to see the recipe. The recipe was old, penciled on a faded piece of thick yellow paper. The first thing that jumped out at me was the amount of sugar…..3 1/2 POUNDS! Did I read that right? They must have meant 3 1/2 CUPS. Nope. I got my magnifying glass out and sure enough, it was pounds. Okkaaaay. Next, IRead More →