In Ted Koppel’s book, Lights Out, a very grim scenario will unfold if our electrical grid goes down.According to a congressional commission tasked in 2008 to identify the impact of an EMP attack, (available on line), it is estimated that only one in ten of us would survive a year into a nation wide blackout. The rest would perish from starvation, disease and social breakdown. How could this happen? Terrorists groups for one. Another is from rouge nations like North Korea.Their missiles don’t even have to reach our shores from theirs. A Scud missile launched from a freighter near our shores would do the evilRead More →

It’s rarely just “one thing” that contributes to a problem. In Ted Koppel’s book, Lights Out he hits on multiple reasons for our power grid to be vulnerable for failures. The following are just a few. Regulation Gridlock  Energy is produced by one company, transported by another and and then handed off to local power companies. Prior to 2003, the electrical power industry standards were voluntary. When it was deemed regulations was needed, the Critical Infrastructure Act never made it out of committee. For what ever reason, the 2 Billion needed to protect the electrical grid was too much money. Energy transported across the countryRead More →

Talking about losing our electrical grid can get you some pretty cynical stares. Folks seem to think you have watched too many Mad Max movies. In reality, we have already experienced some significant stressors on our electrical grid. I learned about 2 of them in Ted Koppel’s book, Lights Out. In August, 2003, a sagging high voltage power line in Ohio, brushed against some overgrown trees. This was suppose to trip an alarm, but didn’t. Three other lines failed the same way. As the surrounding grid took on more current from the failed lines, the overburdened lines fell like dominoes. Within 90 minutes, the largestRead More →

A church friend of mine loaned me a copy of the book Lights Out by Ted Koppel. It was the spark that got me thinking about emergency preparedness. Koppel was not some obscure author I never heard of. He has won numerous awards in a slue of journalistic categories so he comes with a great deal of credibility. His book is about the threat our country faces from a potential EMP (electro magnetic pulse) attack and how prepared we are (or not) for such an event and the impact it would have on us. He “names, names” of department heads, both former and current inRead More →