Black Rifle Coffee Company – Order-Roast-Ship

Black Rifle Coffee Company – Order-Roast-Ship

As I have said in a previous post, I am a bit of a coffee snob, so when I heard the tail end of an interview on the radio with Black Rifle Coffee Company, I perked up (no pun intended. Only in a SHTF situation would I ever consider perking my coffee!). The interview wasn’t just about the coffee, but the company as well. Black Rifle Coffee has two elements that make them unique. One is they are veteran owned and run and the second is how fresh your coffee arrives. You order your coffee on day one, they roast it on day two and it is shipped on day three. Can’t beat that freshness.

On the veteran side, I have a little more than a passing interest, if not a little loose. I have never been in the military, but I was born on Veteran’s Day, 1950 (yes, I am old). My Mom told me that on that day, the church bells rang all over town, obviously not because I entered the world, but because people were still commemorating the end of The Great War 27 years prior. Just five years before my birth, another horrific war ended and people wanted to remember how precious their freedom was and the sacrifices made, both here and abroad. Nearly everyone lost someone. It was important to remember. It wouldn’t be until 1954 that Armistice Day was changed to Veteran’s Day, to honor ALL those who serve in our military.

My Dad

My Dad was at Normandy and by some miracle, managed to get home. My husband served during the Vietnam era and Son Hard Worker shipped out to Iraq 3 times. All this to say, I have a ginormous appreciation for our military, both past and present.

Our one and 2 cup-er coffee presses

Now back to Black Rifle Coffee. Without really riffling (I’m full of it today!) through their website, I hastily purchased a box of their AK 47 Espresso K-cups. The word “espresso” after the AK 47 kinda threw me. I was expecting a knock-your-socks-off, melt-the-spoon kind of coffee. If I had taken the time to actually read through their coffee descriptions (which are very through), I would have noticed that their AK 47 coffee is a MEDIUM roasted coffee, not the dark roast I was expecting. The lids on the K-cups weren’t quite right though so I sent them a quick email. The response was swift, courteous and came with an eagerness to satisfy this customer, a scarce business strategy in today’s world.
I relayed my desire to try some of their whole beans and Charles made some recommendations based on my taste. In short order, I received, free of charge, three different bags of whole bean coffee to try.

We love coffee at our house but coffee tasting is an “event”. My family and I had a great time standing around the kitchen counter over the next 3-4 mornings sampling some great tasting French Press coffee.

Murdered Out A dark roast, was everyone’s favorite. We all sipped it black to experience the full flavored coffee before adding in any creamers or sugar.

Sniper’s Hide Even though this is a light roast coffee, to our surprise, it was our second favorite. Outstanding!

AK 47 Espresso A medium roast coffee, was very smooth. I sipped it black in-between bites of a high quality chocolate bar. Yum! I have yet to try it in my espresso machine. I plan to try several more of their roasts.

The Short History Black Rifle Coffee Company was started in 2014 by Evan Hafer, a US Army veteran. They are out of Salt Lake City, Utah and currently have 80 employees….all veterans. Evan was interviewed by Valor Magazine where he talks about turning to a new chapter in his life from soldier to entrepreneur, and what it took to get there. He talks about his business philosophy, how his employees are more like family than people who are just earning a paycheck, and his audacious plans and dreams on where he wants to take his company next. If you have an extra 35 minutes or so, I highly recommend you listen to the interview here.

Cool Stuff They Offer You can join their Coffee Club where you get your choice of coffee, delivered to your door once a month. No contract here. You can cancel any time. This coffee club comes with a boat load of extras, like chances to win “tactical swag” and discounts on AR 15’s from some of their partner companies.
Tee shirts, tank tops, hats, hoodies, coffee mugs and various brewing systems are also available.

It’s Who We Are is a new video series on their site that tells each employee’s story. The first one aired Nov.9th. Inspiring, and a testimony on what this company is all about. I watched it twice!

From CEO Evan Hafer about Black Rifle Coffee Company:
“Founded on the principles which made this nation great, we strive to emancipate the conservative American from corporate coffee.”

Well said Evan. Well said.



  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good product made by good folks.
    I’m a bit of a coffee snob myself, though not with a French press. I’m a Chemex man.
    I think I’ll try the Murdered Out first, I like a dark roast.
    Have you ever roasted your own beans, and if so, how did it turn out?

    1. Author

      Well, I did roast my own beans once, but not for consumption.I tried putting them in a homemade candle, thinking it would be an awesome fragrance.It did not turn out well. Fortunately, I was able to put out the fire quickly when the beans caught on fire (major face palm).
      I have seen small roasters for home use which would be ideal. From reading about roasting, it seems to be quite an art with a lot of variables including kinds of beans, where they come from, how long to roast, etc.I think it could be a great hobby I could get into one day.
      I have not heard of a Chemex so will look it up. Thanks for telling me about it.
      As far as Black Riffle Coffee, I think you will like Murdered Out. I just ordered their Beyond Black Coffee Blend as it is another one of their dark roast coffee’s.
      Thanks Idaho Greg for visiting my blog!

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