Gonna wear a little “religion” on my sleeve here. No apologies. Jesus is the best gift I have ever received. So thankful he came to earth. Even more thankful he didn’t stay in that manager, but grew up then died for my sins. The best gift ever! Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas! ArleneRead More →

Christmas is almost here! I wanted to talk about getting those Christmas boxes shipped off to family and friends. This post might be a little late for this year but hopefully not for next year. When considering shipping venders, I choose United Parcel Post. Here’s why. Since I live in a rural area, my situation may be different from city folk. My home sits on a paved, private road, a half mile from my mail box. I love living rural, but it does produce problems with mailing and shipping parcels. If a package does not fit in my mailbox, I get an orange slip thatRead More →

Statistics Show 68% of people buy a Christmas present for themselves during the holiday season. This is mine. I live in a rural area and am part of a water association. That’s code talk for a lot of houses on a giant well. As a matter of fact, we are the last house on the line, so we have a lot of “floaties” that appear in our water. We get yearly reports from the association about all the stuff in our water which are all below “harmful levels”, but nevertheless, it’s there. Bottom line, our tap water looks, smells and tastes a little “off”. ForRead More →

Our church held it’s yearly Christmas pot luck party last week. Everyone was asked to bring their signature Christmas dish. I don’t have one. We change out our Christmas dinner every year, with no particular favorite dish making an encore from the previous year. Sometimes it’s ham. Sometimes it’s the extra turkey taking up space in the freezer. This year, it will probably be a couple of roasts. Side dishes are dependent on who saw what recipe on Pinterest or in some cookbook or magazine. But we do have one constant and that’s a continental breakfast served Christmas morning before gift opening. The menu isRead More →

Once upon a time, I had an Adult Family Home. Taking care of the elderly, I always had a well stocked first aid kit. I took pride in being prepared for most any medical emergency. I no longer take care of the elderly, so I have been slowly drifting down the path of complacency…. which has led to down right sloppiness. That sloppiness caught up with me yesterday. My brother-in-law Bob, lives on our property and stumbled in our front door yesterday morning saying he needed help. He had apparently stood up from his bed, then passed out, hitting his face on a counter onRead More →

As I have said in a previous post, I am a bit of a coffee snob, so when I heard the tail end of an interview on the radio with Black Rifle Coffee Company, I perked up (no pun intended. Only in a SHTF situation would I ever consider perking my coffee!). The interview wasn’t just about the coffee, but the company as well. Black Rifle Coffee has two elements that make them unique. One is they are veteran owned and run and the second is how fresh your coffee arrives. You order your coffee on day one, they roast it on day two andRead More →

Most everyone has seen the old black cast iron cookware lying around. Maybe in your Grandmother’s kitchen, in a thrift store or at a yard sale. Or more recently, maybe you have seen it at Macy’s or William Sonoma. It’s not surprising. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware has been around for 121 years. With all the new fangle cookware out today, you’d think cast iron cookware would be passé. Not so. Not only is Lodge cookware still widely in use today, they are building a new foundry to keep up with the demand, but I’m getting a little ahead of my self. In 1896, Joseph LodgeRead More →

Throughout my many past vocational endeavors, I have been to many expos, conferences and seminars. These have been in the educational industry, coffee industry, ones for tea room owners, health care for the elderly, as well as the EMS industry. Every industry seems to have their own, providing a wealth of information on new trends and developments. So when I started to search for local emergency preparedness expo’s, I was surprised to find zilch. It seemed most of them were in the Midwest or southern states. When I found the NW Preparedness Expo in Prosser Washington, I was ecstatic. Since it was only 300 milesRead More →

2017 Has been a hard year for dogs in my family. Putting your pet down is a agonizing decision to make, when you know deep down inside, it is your pet’s time to meet their maker. For me, it started in October 2016 when we learned our beloved 14 year old Australian Shepard, Cocoa, was suffering from a brain tumor. Already deaf with most of her eye sight gone, we weren’t too surprised when other health issues started to appear. We see-sawed back and forth about the “right” time to put her down, then second guessed every decision. Do we wait till we see signsRead More →

When I first started out on my emergency preparedness journey, I divided up what “prepared” meant to me, into 6 categories. I had put a lot of time into some of my categories, and none into others. One that I had neglected was the area of Safety and Protection. Getting comfortable with a firearm would be my next goal. I started out on the internet to just get an idea of what was out there and came across The Well Armed Woman website. This has been a gold mine of information! The website was started by Carrie Lightfoot, a published author, national speaker, NRA certifiedRead More →