About Me

Hello all!

My name is Arlene Doeden, Mother of 6,and wife to one supportive husband. I’m old school, believing personal responsibility and self reliance are intertwined. Try as I might, I can’t always be that rock, and so appreciate the gifts of compassion God has sent my way through other people.
I am a life long learner which is code talk for information junkie. When not writing or reading, I stay busy gardening, cooking, trail walking, organizing time and space, and visiting children and grandchildren.

Why You Should Read This Blog

I spent most of my young adulthood in Southern California so am well versed (I thought) in earthquake preparedness. When I moved to Washington State in the late 1980’s, I did the happy dance believing that I had finally rid myself of those scary earthquakes. In early 2016, I had a reawakening. News of a newly discovered earthquake fault along the Oregon/Washington coast threatening to be THE BIG ONE, came at the same time as emerging information regarding EMP’s. Once I added in the nearby active volcano and the economic concerns of the 19 trillion dollar national debt, I thought it might be time to rethink the whole preparedness thing. In a major disaster, it is likely that no one will be able to help you for as long as 2 weeks. NO ONE.

I was amazed how emergency preparedness had broadened it’s scope since my California days.The limited preparedness I remember was stand in a doorway, have some “things” in your car and make sure you have a few extra cans of “stuff” in your pantry. Now the emphasis is how to get and filter clean drinking water, how to cook without a stove, how to protect yourself and build a shelter. and so much more. Since early 2016, I have been in hyper learning mode and it’s been quite the journey, one that I feel compelled to share. I am not an expert with years of prepping experience behind me, just a woman on a journey willing to share her successes (light bulbs) and failures (face palms) on this self reliance road.