Tortillas are so versatile. I thought it would be fun to try and make my own homemade tortillas so I ordered a tortilla press. I’m always thinking about how I could make my life easier during a long term emergency situation. We love bread and I use to make a lot of it when my kids were little. Not so much in recent years. It’s a great energy source and meal extender during lean times. But what if you couldn’t buy bread anymore? Where would you get the yeast to make your own? By the way, I looked up how to make yeast from scratch.Read More →

I saw this recipe for home made dryer sheets on the internet a few years ago and gave it a try. They worked out well so thought I would share the recipe. It’s my ULTRA Dryer Sheets. 16 ULTRA cheap washcloths 1  51oz jug of ULTRA Downey I started out with the Ultra cheap washcloths from Walmart. They were 10 for $10.00, on sale for $5.00 so I bought 2 packages. I use these for everything from cleaning window sills and washing dishes to wiping the engine grease from Husbands hands to wiping up oil spills. They’re throw away washcloths (rags, really), so cheap, youRead More →

I put in a lot of time and expense last year setting up my garden. It has remained critter and weed free throughout the fall and winter. I am pleased. Except for the border around the garden. We have this grass called Elephant grass. At least that is what everyone calls it. It grows in thick dense clumps and is extremely tenacious. This spring, it took off, growing two feet high around the garden, weaving it’s self into my border netting, making it near impossible to pull or dig out without destroying the netting. I believed killing it some how was my only option butRead More →

Reading. It’s still an awesome activity. I mean books. Doesn’t matter if it’s the hold in your hand kind or on a “devise”. Another source of entertainment is home movies. But I have some things specific in mind for this Memorial Day. I never was much interested in history. That has always been Husband’s thing. That is until my Mother-in-law sent us the PBS, DVD series The War by Ken Burns. Husband was on the 3rd disk when I passed through the room with a load of clothes to put away when something on the TV caught my attention and sat down to watch. NeedlessRead More →

My past vocations have taken me to some pretty noisy places. Nine years on the back of a fire truck for one. Ten summers of standing in the middle of a racetrack as an EMT for another. All very fun, but has no doubt led to some hearing loss. It wasn’t so bad at first. Just a missed word hear and there. When it progressed to whole sentences, I purchased hearing aids…very EXPENSIVE hearing aids. Like anything else, hearing aids require care. Ear wax is normally a good thing, trapping bad bacteria but also clogs the hearing aid tubes when there is too much ofRead More →

Since I bought my electric citrus juicer, I stock an abundance of fresh oranges. Having a glass of fresh orange juice every morning helps the spirit while waiting for Spring to stop dragging her feet. I thought it would be fun to try my hand at some candied orange peels since I had so many. The recipe I found seemed simple enough. I used a potato peeler to peel each of the eight oranges in one long strip. Scrapping the white flesh off of the peel is necessary due to it’s bitter taste; a tedious job until I got a rhythm going. I cut eachRead More →

  Communications is one area of my emergency preparedness plan where I had a big fat zero. Nothing. Nada. Not even walkie-talkies. My beloved Iphone will be useless in a SHTF scenario, so I wanted SOMETHING to be able to talk to SOMEONE to gain information and possibly help others. Becoming a ham operator offered more range than walkie-talkies so I thought I would go for it. If nothing else, it would give me something to do while sitting in my rocking chair during my old age. Everyone I talked to, said it was easy. Every YouTube video I watched said the test was reallyRead More →

Our wood burning stove has served us well for the 13 years we have had our home, providing the majority of our heat. Propane has increasingly become more expensive over the years so we have developed a routine. Our propane driven heater comes on for 2 hours only, every cold morning to quickly take the chill off the house. Simultaneously, we build a fire in our wood burning stove which keeps our home sufficiently warm for the rest of the day and through the evening. This routine has allowed us to get by with only needing 300 gallons of propane for the entire year. But……Read More →

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to spend 3 weeks in February down in Southern California helping my daughter-in-law with her post operative care. That also meant helping out with their 3 dogs. Buddy and his friends made sure I did not get bored. Let me introduce you to them. Sadie is the youngest, a lively year old miniature dachshund who loves to ride on your foot as you shuffle your way to the kitchen for morning coffee. She is quite affectionate and enjoys being picked up to be cuddled as she slathers you with “kisses”. Sadie is not troubled withRead More →

Some of you may have read my post on planting my plum tree. This is an update. It now has buds! This post is also about an experiment I tried in planting plum tree starts. A few days after I planted my plum tree, I left for California for 3 weeks to help my daughter-in-law through some tough surgery aftercare. Just before I left, I put two of the plum tree branches I had pruned from my plum tree, into a Mason jar filled with water and placed it on my kitchen window sill. It was just a let’s-wait-and-see-if-anything-happens kind of thing. When I gotRead More →